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Radical Fitness Classes
We offer classes by Radical Fitness, an industry leader in choreographed group fitness classes.

POWER – The ultimate Barbell program utilizing progressive loading to build a stronger and leaner you. Burning 750 Calories improving flexibility, cardiovascular training and stress reduction. An innovative strength and conditioning class that pushes you to your limits.

KI MAX – Meaning ‘’maximum energy’’. A combative fitness training program to burn calories, tone muscles and experience the power of their own self-defence. Burn 820 calories using boxing, muay Thai and kick boxing moves to music.

TRX SUSPENSION – 2 intense strategies in a 30min format. Specifically for those with modern hectic lifestyles, to achieve real and fast results in less than 4 weeks. Physical conditioning, fat burning and muscle toning using effective, dynamic and fast strategy with exercises that are easy and fun.

Weekly Membership Pricing 

per week
Access to gym floor
(weight and cardio machines)

per week
Full access to gym
All classes and boot camps

per week
(pensioner/conc rate)
Full access to gym
All classes and boot camps

VIP Package per week
Full access to gym
All classes and boot camps plus
1 x Personal Training Session

Dual Package per week
Full access to gym
All classes and boot camps
Rock Wall

Other Group Classes

CIRCUIT – Experience the ultimate way to condition, shape and tone. 30-minute (45 second stations designed to make you sweat using H.I.I.T style training)

STRENGTH –  A flexible 45 minute strength based class. Focusing on a 6 week progressive program enabling muscle development and growth. 

INSANE30 – A HIIT class using intense body weight training to torch unwanted body fat, create muscle definition and increase performance.

A-B-T – This class goes above and beyond sit ups and crunches. Sculpt shape and build your Abs and Butt, tone and chisel your thighs using minimal equipment – maybe a booty band or two.

Casual Pass 

for one on one
Personal Training

per visit
access gym floor or 1hr class

per visit
​all 1/2 hr classes

Day Passes

7 Day

14 Day

21 Day

28 Day


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Other memberships available upon request.

NO Joining fee – NO contracts (memberships must be a minimum 4 weeks)


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