Group Fitness

Group Fitness Classes at Rock On Fitness 

Casual Pass
$15 per visit
• Access to gym floor, 1hr X-Fitness or Radical class
$10 per visit 
• 1/2hr Boot camps
• 1/2hr X-Fitness

Day Passes
• 7 Day $45
• 14 Day $80
• 21 Day $105
• 28 Day $120

Other memberships are available upon request. There is no joining fee and no contract. (memberships must be a minimum 4 weeks)

 Group Fitness 
• X55

 Small Group Fitness 

Radical Fitness Classes 

We offer classes by Radical Fitness, an industry leader in choreographed group fitness classes. 

POWER® The Ultimate barbell program utilizing progressive loading to build a stronger and leaner you. Burning 750 CALORIES improving flexibility, cardiovascular training and stress reduction. An innovative strength and conditioning class that pushes you to your limits.

U BOUND® is an intense and energetic class with rebounders which means no impact or stress to the joints. U BOUND is great for toxin release creating a sense of euphoria, described by scientists as ‘one of the most effective training regimes ever created by humans’.

X55® Our new age Firm and Tone class (Abs, Thighs and Butts class). A 55 minute class of extreme energy and intensity - a complete toning and sculpting program that burns 810 CALORIES to shape all the lower body areas to perfection! Fat burning, muscle toning and weight loss at its best.

X55/UBOUND COMBO® A challenging class incorporating leg muscles under tension whilst releasing toxins and enhancing the athletic look with additional attention to the abs, butt and thighs.

KI MAX® Meaning "maximum energy''. A combative fitness training program to burn calories, tone muscles and experience the power of their own self-defense. Burn 820 CALORIES using Boxing, Muay Thai and Kick Boxing moves to music. Not for the faint hearted. Each class only has 10 spots so its bookings only - first in best dressed!

PUNCH  Learn new techniques, move outside the comfort zone, regardless of size or shape, there are no distractions from getting a great workout! Your training is all about you! No holding pads while you give someone else a workout. Just your bag and you. All workouts focused on bag-work training for the greatest results, higher heart rate & greater calorie burn.

Other Group Classes 
2 intense training strategies in a 30-minute format, specifically for those with modern hectic lifestyles, to achieve real and fast results in less than 4 weeks. Physical conditioning, fat burning and muscle toning using an effective, dynamic and fast strategy with exercises that are easy and fun. X-FITNESS

"Rock On's'' very own high intensity workouts mixed with strength and conditioning completed in a team environment. We'll motivate you to push your limits, learn how to move your body to its full potential and achieve your goals.

These classes are designed around functional everyday movements. Whether you are generally healthy or managing an illness, we offer classes to help you to become more active, improve confidence and boost your fitness. Concentrating on enhanced mobility and flexibility, our qualified and friendly trainers present exciting, rewarding classes in a sociable environment amongst your peers.

As the Bay’s only outdoor man made commando course designed to test physical strength and mental endurance, this all-weather course is designed to challenge all levels of fitness. Come to a class or speak to us about private bookings for groups and team building sessions.

A HIIT Intensity class using intense body weight training to torch unwanted body fat, create muscle definition and increase performance. Create a leaner fitter YOU. Insane60 tops it off with a 30min abs, thighs and butt workout.

Practicing low movement, correct breathing, uniform muscle development and spinal alignment. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Improve flexibility, core strength, pelvic floor, posture, coordination and balance.

Come and work out in a group environment. Functional training changing lateral movements to high knees, boots to glutes, strength progressions and cardio max outs.

This climbing class focuses on functional strength, enhanced core strength, increased flexibility, full body toning and cardio. This boot camp style training can help you tone up and develop the perfect climbing physique. 

Getting Started 

Save time before your first visit by filling out the Waiver Form and Pre-Exercise Questionnaire at home. Download, complete and bring these forms with you to your initial visit. 

Weekly Membership Pricing 
Waiver Form 
Pre-Exercise Questionnaire

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